Spanish Peacock Winery, Jamul, California

Old World Style Wines from Jamul, California

Spanish Peacock wines were developed in the style from the exquisite examples of red and rose wines from northern Spain and southern France. They were specifically developed to pair well with the unique cuisine still alive today from the days of the Spanish Californio Ranchos. Wines that transcend time when paired with the foods charmed with the spices and flavors of Mexico, Spain, and southern France.

The Spanish Californio culture enjoyed their wines with locally farmed foods, range raised cattle, and wild game. Aged in American and French oak barrels to add complexity and structure for long bottle aging, they will develop unique floral, earthy, leather, and spice notes surrounded by softer tannins as they mature.

About Us

Spanish Peacock Winery is a San Diego wholesale only winery specializing in old-world style red wines. We are located in Jamul, CA in the foothills of East County San Diego with a spectacular view of the ocean sunsets. We are a wholesale winery and consultant for restaurants, tapas bars, wine shops, and other small family-owned vineyards. Our wines will add a new dimension of Spanish-style wines with flavors that complement the unique cuisine of California and its heritage to the Ranchos of yesteryear and still alive today in the foods and culture.

With over 10 years of research, development, and experience in these unique wines, Spanish Peacock Winery brings back an almost forgotten dimension to dining in San Diego. With nature growing the wine, the grapes are also grown in Jamul in our established yet small vineyard. With a focus on quality, the wines are produced in small batches under the close control and oversight of the vintner.

The Medal Winners

The Spanish Peacock Winery submitted four wines, and three received medals at the Five Fingers Lake International Wine Competition in Rochester, NY with 27 countries, all 50 US States, the six Canadian Provinces, for a total of about 3708 wines entered, evaluated by a panel of 73 international wine judges representing over 20 countries.