2012 La Perla

Made from the Pinot noir grape with rich earthy aromas and flavor notes. A darker colored, bolder wine that goes beyond your typical light-bodied wine.

2012 El Cid

A Classic Cabernet sauvignon, bold and depth of color. Notes of black fruit, embellished with chocolate and a delicious light toasted note. Round and appealing in the mouth. Surprisingly, the complex tasting registers do not prevent it from being a remarkably easy wine to drink.

2013 El Cid

A lighter, fruitier blend of Cabernet sauvignon and Petite verdot. A very structured wine with more pronounce fruit and tannin notes. On the palate, it is well assembled and persistent, promising a great ageing potential.

2013 Esperanza

Made from the noble Syrah grape. Dark berry flavors with peppery and chocolate notes.

2013 Sideways

A very popular blend of merlot, cabernet franc. A smooth blend with red fruit and spice notes.

2013 Monastrell

Another classic single varietal wine from the Spanish Monastrell grape. Blackberry sauce, chocolate, potting soil and smoke are the pronounce aromas and flavors.

2013 La Perla

Made from the Pinot noir grape, bright fruit flavors while maintaining the earthy aromas and flavor notes. Very complimentary with game meat, roast poultry, and fatty fish.

2015 Santa Bella de las Rosas

True to style of Spanish Rosés made from Garnacha grape with citrusy notes and flavors that prepares the palate for light meals or fresh salads with goat cheeses.

2015 Santa Bella de las Brisas

A Monastrell-based rosé that has become popular due to its smooth less citrusy and a more tropical flavor profile, especially stone fruits and melons.